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Helping Community News Startups

Training Community Journalists

In these seven case studies from around the United States, get a birds-eye view of citizen journalism today.

Produced by J-Lab

In Idaho, Radio Powered by Citizen Journalism

To produce an evening newscast with no reporting staff and a limited budget, KRFP Radio Free Moscow relies on citizen reporters.

In Kansas, Opening the Newsroom Doors to Citizen Journalists

After a five-week Citizen Journalism Academy in Lawrence, Kansas, newly-minted citizen reporters send in dispatches from Black Friday 2006 shopping sprees and Election Day polling stations.

In Kentucky, Boosting Local Coverage with Radio Recruits

To bolster local news coverage, non-profit arts center Appalshop creates a Community Correspondents Corps to train citizen journalists for radio reporting.

In Massachusetts, Senior Citizen Journalism Serves as Model

A decade before citizen journalism gained momentum, volunteers at a senior center in Melrose, Mass., launched an online news site that has served as a model for citizen-driven reporting.

In Minneapolis, Sharing Lessons From the Newsroom

Six-week workshops created by former newspaper journalist Doug McGill build media literacy and reporting skills for would-be citizen reporters.

In Minnesota, Teaching Civic Leaders To Blog

Citizen-driven news sites in Northfield, Minn., include news straight from the source after leading blog workshops for municipal leaders and elected officials.

In Wisconsin, Common Ground for Citizen Journalists

To enhance community news coverage in Madison, Wis., a journalism school and neighborhood planning councils coach citizen reporters to cover the news themselves.

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