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Helping Community News Startups

Spotted: Players and Trends in Community Journalism

New Stewardship Model for Journalism Raises $88,000 in Six Months

The merger of and the Vermont Journalism Trust has led to $88,000 in support in just five months — and caused the industry to take note of an emerging stewardship model.

Underground Story Bubbles Up in Pittsburgh Newsroom

With funding from J-Lab’s Networked Journalism initiative, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s editors set about to rethink, alongside others, how the organization could cover Marcellus Shale, a massive topic to their region.

New Media Women Entrepreneur Profile: Retha Hill Augments Reality

In the weeks after Retha Hill launched the first iteration of her Mobile Black History Project in January 2011, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Updates: New Voices Sites See Strong Content and Bottom Line Growth

Stories about financial success and strong content top the latest news from our New Voices grantees.’s Server Meltsdown in Wake of Mass Shooting

As news of the Jan. 8 mass shooting in Tucson the coursed through the web, quickly became hobbled. Although editor Mark Evans didn’t realize it at the time, his site became one of the first with the news of a mass shooting when a politically connected blogger posted one sentence: “Gabrielle Giffords shot in head in Tucson.”

Glenn Burkins: Unabashedly Courting African-American News Consumers

Focusing on race as a natural niche within local news, the former newspaper editor and reporter’s Charlotte news sites are attracting readers and advertisers alike.

Sites Begin Using Press+ to Ask Readers for Support

Press+ is offering publishers of today’s news sites a chance to begin collecting for their content without setting up a pay wall. Their solution is designed to encourage a reader to pay after consuming a set amount of content.

Election Night Winners: New Tools Make Crowdsourcing Stories Easier

New tools like Storify and Intersect make crowdsourcing stories easier and more relevant.

Eulogizing Rye Reflections

Sometimes the time is right. More on the “Anatomy of a Shutdown” for New Hampshire’s Rye Reflections.

Seattle Times Joins Local Partners to Report on Homeless Families

Kudos again to The Seattle Times for reporting a complex topic using trusted journalists in their hyperlocal partnership. This time, the paper had seven of its partners write stories around the issues homeless families in their neighborhoods face for a multi-part printed and online series called “Invisible Families” synchronized to run on Monday.

Lessons Every News Site Can Learn from TBD’s Launch

Washington, D.C.’s local media scene officially welcomed a new player Aug. 9. TBD, as in To Be Determined, is a venture of privately held Allbritton Communications, which also owns the website and newspaper Politico, an ABC affiliate and a 24-hour cable news channel.

Small Coupon Deals Boost Local News Sites and Merchants

How a Minneapolis nonprofit news site is making money in a crowded field.

CT Mirror Launches Capital-centric Site with Nearly $2 Million in Support for Three Years

Capital-centric site quietly launches with nearly $2 million in foundation support for three years.

The Wire Adds a New Dimension to Twin Cities TV Web Site

An interactive news timeline went from being ‘just an idea’ to a major innovation for a Minneapolis TV station – with the help of a willing advertiser.

Sacramento Press Has the ‘Bee’ Buzzing

Combining paid editorial staff and community contributors, site also has ad network revenue to help support the bottom line.

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