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The Freebies List

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Search Engine Optimization & Metrics

- Simply put, paying attention to your site’s metrics and SEO can increase your traffic.

Content Management Systems

- Systems used to manage the content of a Web site.

Slideshows & Presentations

- Put together a dramatic slideshow or share presentations across the Web.


- When text alone won’t do. Contains links to audio and video editing resources as well as interactive templates.


- Just how are you supposed to make money with your site?

RSS Readers

- Organize your favorite links, blogs and news sites.


- Get out the word fast with a group email.

Logo and Web Design

- Use these resources for your logo and other design needs.


- ‘Where?’ is best answered by a map.

Wikis and Collaboration

- Work together. A wiki is a page or collection of Web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content.

Social Networking

- A social network builds online communities of people with similar interests, backgrounds or ideas.

Government Investigative Resources

- The role of journalists is to provide a check on government. These links will get you started.

Phone Services

- Speak to anyone, around the world, for free.


- When all other categories won’t work.

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