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Community Fdn for Greater South Wood Cty

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Location: Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.

Community News 2.0 To research and create an online platform for community news and information that will serve this rural area. With this grant, the community foundation will create an online news platform to provide residents of this rural area with the vital information needed to lead informed lives. Organizers first will research where residents get their information, and what gaps exist. Then, a site will be built that informs and provides a space to share experiences and participate in community efforts. A print companion piece will likely accompany the site.
Grants: Community News 2.0, $87,500 beginning in 2009 with a KCI matching grant, Purpose: Online platform to help rural citizens lead informed lives

Contact Information:
478 E. Grand Ave., Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
tel: 715.423.3863, fax: 715.423.3019

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