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Cmty Fdn of South Alabama

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Location: Mobile, Ala.
Connect Southwest Alabama – This grant will create an online, community network to store knowledge and connect people, information and ideas for an eight-county region in Southwest Alabama. To create Connect Southwest Alabama, government and civic leaders will help collect studies and research that impact the lives of everyone in the area. The website will feature those plus reports, organization profiles and news that can be searched. Residents will be able to create and share information. Email groups and volunteer matching will encourage discussion and action to bring about positive change. The site will help eliminate the disconnect between residents, nonprofits and government agencies.
Grant: Connect Southwest Alabama, $100,000 beginning in 2009 with a KCI matching grant, Purpose: Information for an eight-county region”

Contact Information:
Stephanie Ryan, Communications Officer
Mike Dillaber program officer
P.O. Box 990, Mobile, AL 36601
tel: 251.438.5591, fax: 251.438.5592

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