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Location: Columbia, S.C.
Raising Digital Literacy Among Seniors. To bridge ethnic, economic and generational lines in order to raise digital literacy among seniors. Will include News. Led by the community foundation, a coalition of universities and media will reach out to seniors to create an online hub. The seniors will both use the site and create content for it. University students will train seniors in using the technology, and ultimately prepare the seniors to become “trainers” themselves. The State Media Company will host the site and promote it, while South Carolina’s Education TV will help to document the initiative. The effort, which aims to enhance senior’s participation in civic dialogue, will start with three diverse senior community centers and expand as the program evolves.
Grants: Raising Digital Literacy Among Seniors (in development) $200,000 beginning in 2009, with KCI matching grant.”

Contact Information:
2711 Middleburg Drive, Suite 21, Columbia, SC 29204
tel: (803) 254-5601, fax: (803) 799-6663
Tonia Pearson, director marketing

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