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Independence: Following the story wherever it leads

independence-thumbnailIndependence is perhaps the most under appreciated hallmark of good journalism. What does it mean to be independent? We put the question to thought leaders in citizen media and traditional journalism. This section also provides resources and guides to achieving independent reporting.

We do know this: Honorable journalism means following the story where it leads. When media are consolidated into a few big companies or are under the thumb of governments, this cannot happen.It is simple to be independent online. Just start a blog. But no one should imagine that the same pressures from businesses and governments will not apply when a blogger tries to make a living at his or her new trade.

Independence in journalism

debragalantScreencast: What does it mean to be independent as a citizen journalist or blogger? In this 7-minute video, we hear from pioneering blogger and journalist Doc Searls; Debra Galant,; Michael Tippett, NowPublic; Jay Rosen, PressThink, and Mike Orren, Pegasus News.

OhMyNews: Independence in citizen journalism

ohQ&A: How South Korea’s OhmyNews became the first citizen journalism publication. Independence played a large role in its emergence as a pioneer in the movement.

Jay Rosen on trust online

jay_rosen100Video: New York University professor, author and PressThink founder Jay Rosen discusses trust and independence in online journalism and blogging.

Doc Searls on independence

doc_searls_0Video: Blogger and Linux Journal senior editor Doc Searls discusses independence, disclosure and fairness in blogging and journalism.

Business reporting on the ethical edge

mark-cuban100Article: Questions are raised about the proprietary of the business model behind billionaire Mark Cuban’s investigative publication.

The value of independence

independence-canyon-100Article: Bob Steele of the Poynter Institute offers a few words about the most undervalued principle in journalism. (Photo by Scott Ingram)

Independence resources

resourcesOnline directory: Tips and resources for achieving independence online, from journalism organizations and independent sites.

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