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Test your ‘Interviewing Quotient’ 2

This quiz will look at whether your qualities of being outgoing or more reserved can guide you in interviewing.

Once again, keep track of your answers, and we’ll give you some insights on what they mean at the end.

1. I find the idea of interviewing someone I don’t know:

A) Exciting, like a conversation with an interesting stranger

B) Time-consuming and uncomfortable — I’d just as soon look something up on the Web.

C) Worrisome — I feel I affected people’s answers by the way I asked the question.

2. When am in a situation with new people, I:

A) Find it easy to introduce myself.

B) Am uncomfortable unless someone else introduces me.

C) Get easily overwhelmed trying to remember new names.

3. If I have to arrange to meet someone I don’t know, I prefer:

A) The telephone.

B) E-mail.

C) A third-party introduction.

4. After I know a lot about a topic, I:

A) Enjoy finding out additional information on the same subject that I wasn’t aware of

B) Prefer to talk to people with similar opinions

C) Find it best to stick with what I know. After all, interviewers affect the answers by the way they ask questions, so there’s no way to get honest responses.

5. If I forget some detail about an event or a person I am writing about, I:

A) Don’t mind calling the person back to check.

B) Prefer to see if I can find someone else who might remember the information rather than the original person.

C) Would rather skip over the information or just not include it in a blog or article.

Quiz 2 results

Mostly A’s: You tend to be curious and outgoing and don’t mind talking directly to people. You may have to guard against talking too much in an interview, and remembering that silence on your part sometimes forces others to talk a little more. You may find the Tools section helpful, particularly the “After” the interview portion. Go to Tools chapter.

Mostly B’s: You have a hard time asking questions because you fear being considered rude or pushy, or that you are taking up their time with asking questions. Your reserved nature can be viewed as respectful and well-mannered, and will work to your advantage, particularly in initially requesting time with someone. But remember that the mark of a good reporter, blogger, writer — or whatever you consider your role as you bring news to a wider group — is to get information. Show your curious side. Let people know you’re interested.You may find the types of interviews helpful to better understand the many ways you can approach someone. Check out the chapter on Interview Types.

Mostly C’s: You’re a mix of interested in the idea of interviewing, but convinced that interviewers often ask questions in such a way as to get only the answers they want to get. You’ll need to guard against getting overwhelmed with material. Take the process in small steps and don’t be afraid to ask someone to repeat their remarks; you can also can rephrase a question and ask it again for clarification, just to be sure the person being interviewed is really saying what he/she means to say. Start with the “Why Interview?” chapter to get your feet wet. You might get inspired to dive in!.

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