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Reaction Interview

News is breaking and you want to report reaction — to a vote, a decision or some new development in a story.

Interview tip

Good places to seek out reaction are so-called “third places” in a community — the diner, the barber shop or local hangout where area residents gather to swap information.

You may discover that you are among the first to know, so you’ll need to brief the people you are trying to quote on the recent developments. If your interviewee hasn’t yet heard about the development, he or she may need some time to investigate for him- or herself. Be sure to ask if you can call back in 20 or 30 minutes.

Consider opening up a zone on your Web site to get reaction from the community. Ask for names, phone numbers and permission to call or e-mail people to confirm their remarks for a story you are writing.

Sample Script:

“Have you heard that ____ happened? How do you feel about this development or turn of events? What do you think will or should happen next?”

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