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Above Average Jane

Site Url:

Feed Url:

Target community: suburban Philadelphia

Is the site active? --

Professional journalists? --

Paid staff? --

Is the site part of a network? --

Is the site a media affiliate? --

Content created by:

Who contributes to your content?

  • Professional journalists:
  • Community members: 70%%
  • Students:
  • Aggregate content of others: %
  • Others:

Site's focus:

Target audience size: 25,000 to 50,000

Year founded: --

Who or what started your project?

  • an individual

Update frequency: once a day

Which online networks do you use?

  • Twitter: aajane

Does your site aggregate content from other online sites? Yes

Does your site provide training? No

Business model: Informal

What are your sources of revenue?

  • payments for use of content

How are you staffed?

  • How many full time staffers:
  • How many part-time staffers:
  • How many volunteers: 1
  • How many students:

Annual operating budget: less than $100,000 per year

Contact Information

Location: , , --
Contact URL:

How important is each of the following goals to your project?

1 means "not very important" and 6 means "very important"

  • Covering news not covered: 4
  • Watchdogging local government and public officials: 3
  • Investigating issues or wrongdoings: 3
  • Helping your community solve problems: 2
  • Empowering community members: 3
  • Developing opportunities for community dialogue: 1
  • Collaborating with local partners: 1
  • Involving community to shape local content: 1
  • Making a profit: 1
  • Being a sustainable operation:

What else should people know about your site?
The site covers primarily politics in Bucks, Delaware and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania. It is written from a partisan Democratic standpoint but also includes general information.

What are your suggestions and/or links to other community news sites that should be added to the directory?
All the sites, WHYY's, Pennsylvania Progressive, LV Independent

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