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About Cambria

About Cambria is about issues currently facing our community. It’s: a way to get caught up and keep up how we are going to resolve challenging issues and improve our community; a place for Cambrians to exchange information, background, ideas and analysis; a public forum for conversation and central plaza where you can easily find facts, documents, history and links to essential, relevant sources.

Site Url:

Feed Url:

Target community: Cambria, San Luis Obispo County, California, Central Coast, West Coast

Is the site active? Yes

Professional journalists? No

Paid staff? No

Is the site part of a network? No

Is the site a media affiliate? No

Content created by: Community

Who contributes to your content?

  • Professional journalists:
  • Community members:
  • Students:
  • Aggregate content of others:
  • Others:

Site's focus:

Target audience size:

Year founded: 2007

Who or what started your project?

Update frequency:

Which online networks do you use?

Does your site aggregate content from other online sites? No

Does your site provide training? No

Business model: Informal

What are your sources of revenue?

How are you staffed?

  • How many full time staffers:
  • How many part-time staffers:
  • How many volunteers:
  • How many students:

Annual operating budget:

Contact Information

Location: Cambria, CA, United States of America
Contact URL:

How important is each of the following goals to your project?

1 means "not very important" and 6 means "very important"

  • Covering news not covered:
  • Watchdogging local government and public officials:
  • Investigating issues or wrongdoings:
  • Helping your community solve problems:
  • Empowering community members:
  • Developing opportunities for community dialogue:
  • Collaborating with local partners:
  • Involving community to shape local content:
  • Making a profit:
  • Being a sustainable operation:

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